How to Embed Facebook Feed on WordPress Website?

Facebook has the highest user base all across the social media network. With around 1.84 billion active users daily, Facebook successfully maintains its charm.

With such a huge user base sharing the data, imagine its impact on your WordPress website. All you have to do is connect it with Facebook Feeds. This will also make your website interactive, eye-catching, which will result in generating high traffic on your website.

Marketers are always looking for such strategies which qualify the need. Social media aggregator tools steps in to solve the purpose, as it aggregates the social media feeds across the platforms into one single presentation.

And with the option to embed Facebook Feeds on your website, social media aggregator has become a one-stop solution for businesses. 

Here are some easy steps to embed Facebook feed on your website using one of the most talked-about social media aggregator tools present in the market, Tagembed.

Steps To Embed Facebook Feed

#1. Sign up to Tagembed or log in if you already have an account.

#2. Tagembed dashboard screen will appear in front of you; click on Create Widget button on the right side of your screen to create a Facebook widget.

#3. give an appropriate name to your widget on Create Widget pop-up window and click on Create Widget button.

#4. Click on Facebook from Pick a source window present on your screen.

#5. Create Facebook Feed window will appear on your screen. Enter page URL or select profile post to set Facebook connections.

The options and their uses on Create Facebook Feed window are :

  • Page: It will fetch posts from your Facebook Page.
  • My Profile Posts: It will gather feeds from your Facebook profile.
  • Albums: It will fetch albums from your Facebook profile to display on your widget.
  • Facebook Reviews: It will help you to assemble reviews posted by your users on your Facebook profile.
  • Page mentions: It will collect all the posts that have your page mentions. 

#6. Click in Continue with Facebook button, enter your Facebook credentials, and connect your widget with your Facebook.  

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Steps To Generate Code to Embed Facebook

#1. Click on Embed Widget button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

#2. Select WordPress from Choose your Platform dialog box.

#3. You can adjust the height and width according to your preference and click on Get Code button to generate the code for your feed.

#4. Copy the code.

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Steps To Embed Facebook Feed on your WordPress Website

#1. Log in to your WordPress Admin Panel.

#2. Click on Add Block on your WordPress editor.

#3. Go to formatting and choose Custom HTML option.

#4. Paste the copied code in <CODE> editor.

#5. Click on Publish/Update.

And there you go, with a few simple steps, now you have an interactive and presentable WordPress website showcasing all your Facebook Feeds related to your business. 

Enjoy the customer interaction and website traffic, and stay ahead of your competitors.

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