How To Embed Facebook Feed On Squarespace Website-Right Now

Do you want to enhance your Squarespace Website with Facebook posts? You can do so by embedding Facebook feeds on your Squarespace website in a step-by-step manner.

There are several ways tools that help you embed Facebook Feed, however, in this article, we guide you to use Tagembed, a popular & brand’s trusted social media curator, to collect Facebook feeds and embed them into the Squarespace website with code-free and seamless integration.

With more than 2.4 billion active monthly users on Facebook, it has become one of the prominent social media channels to promote businesses and enhance the social presence of any sort of business.

So without further ado, let’s start learning how to embed Facebook Feed Widget on Squarespace Website using Tagembed.

But first thing first,

Brief Introduction About Tagembed

Tagembed, is a social media aggregation platform, offers features and functionalities to collect, customize, and embed social media feeds on the website.

Tagembed is integrated with more than 10 social channels, in which Facebook is one of the highly used social media channels.

It is a code-free platform meaning anyone can use it without having technical knowledge or expertise.

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Easy Steps To Embed Facebook Feed On Your Squarespace Website With Tagembed

(a) Create or Login To Your Account

  • To start with, start creating your account with Tagembed Widget or login to your existing account.
  • Next your Widget to preserve your Facebook Feed at a place.

(b) Add Facebook Feed

  • Open your Widget and click on Create Feed option located on the left sidebar of the screen.
  • Select Facebook as a source to collect feed.
  • Use mention, page URL, or album URL and click on the Create Feed button to collect feeds.

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(c) Customize Curated Facebook Feed

  • All the related Facebook Widget Feeds will appear on the screen as you click on the Create Feed button, now it’s time to perform customization on your Facebook feeds.
  • Select a theme from many, that you find fits your website design and suits best your marketing needs.
  • You can also customize your feeds by changing the font, add colour, background, banner, etc.
  • Once you are ready with customization, you can move to the next step, mentioned below.

(d) Generate & Copy The Embed Code

  • Now it’s time to generate Embed Code for your Squarespace Website. Tagembed offers Squarespace as an exclusive CMS platform to generate code that fits the code of your Squarespace website.
  • Click on the Embed button and select Squarespace to generate special code.
  • Now the code will be generated, copy the code into your clipboard.

(e) Make Facebook Feed Live On Your Squarespace Website

  • Lastly, you need to paste the copied code into your Squarespace Website.
  • Open your website backend and paste the code on the web page where you want to display your Facebook feed.
  • Save all the changes and awesome, Facebook Feeds are live on your Squarespace Website.

Benefits of Adding Facebook Feeds On Website

1. Increase Audience Engagement:

Facebook feeds entice your audience to engage with your Facebook content on your website. It will increase your visitors’ engagement and keep them stick to your website.

2. Build Social Proof:

As Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms with billions of users, your visitors find Facebook content considerable and know about the social presence of your website.

3. Boost Trust & Authenticity:

It is hard for people to trust and believe in the brand which they never heard from people. Showing their friends or social media content from Facebook, like mention feeds, Facebook reviews, etc. will generate authenticity for your brand website.

4. Generate More Sales & Revenues:

When people start believing in your brand, they are more likely to happy with your products and make a purchase decision. Facebook feeds will display social proof and entice your customers to buy the products that existing customers are talking about.


Start building your own Facebook Feed and embed it on your Squarespace website smoothly and carelessly.

Tagembed is a great tool to curate Facebook Feed from your Facebook account or page, you can use it to embed Facebook Feed on any website, Squarespace, HTML, WordPress, Weebly, or Shopify.

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