How To Embed Social Media Feeds On Squarespace Website?

embed social media feeds

Embedding social media posts is becoming a new cool for website owners. The craze of creating quality content and increasing audience experience is what every website owner wants to build with their website.

It has been noticed that people find it more attractive and get entice when they see social media feeds on the website.

Website of brands and marketers always looking for ways to boost audience engagement. If you are also the one among them and own a website with Squarespace, then here is the solution for you to create and embed social media feed widget on Squarespace website in a step-by-step process.

Tagembed — The Best Solution To Embed Social Media Feeds On Squarespace Website


Tagembed is a popular social media aggregation platform to display social media posts on the website. It is a comprehensive platform where you can create and embed social feeds on the website. You will get 10+ social media platforms to create and embed social media feeds on your website.

Tagembed provides you with various features & functionalities to design social media posts into beautiful designs, that enhance your website appearance and make it look perfect for your website.

You do not require any technical experience or coding skills to create social posts and add to your website.

If you are using Tagembed, then you can simply embed beautiful-looking social media posts onto your website easily and effectively.

Check how you can add social posts to your website in a step-by-step process.

Steps To Create Social Media Feeds On Squarespace Website

  • Create a free account with the Tagembed widget.
  • You will direct to your Tagembed Dashboard. Now create your own widget by clicking on the “Create Widget” option.
  • Next, you have to click on the “Edit” button so that you can collect social media posts.
  • A small screen will appear on your screen with various social media options. Select any to fetch social media feeds.
  • Based on the platform you choose, type hashtag, handle, mentions, tags, keyword, or URL after selecting the social media source.
  • As you click on the Create Feed button in blue colour on your screen, all the related feeds will be displayed together on your screen.

Amazing Benefits of Embedding Social Media Feeds on Your Website:

There are many key benefits of embedding social media feeds on your website using a free social media aggregator tool like Tagembed:

  • It helps you enhance your website visuals. The content is added as a single stream and the website gets updated every time you post something on any of the social networking sites.
  • Displaying user-generated content on your brand website, makes your audience feel acknowledged. They feel worthy of being a part of your brand’s promotional activities.
  • People usually visit your website to get insights into your dealings. They might be unaware of your social media presence and some might not be active users. For them, your website is the only source of info. Embedding social feeds on your website makes your latest social media activities accessible to them.
  • It helps you expand your reach beyond the existing customer base. Social media creates an interactive platform by allowing visitors to like, share, and comment on a post. It also lets them leave feedback about their experience.

Steps To Customize Social Media Feeds On Squarespace Website

It is obvious you will not display bland feeds on your Squarespace website. If you want to beautifully adorned your website with amazing-looking social feeds, it will be much better if you customize the feeds. Follow these feeds to customize curated all social media posts:

  • Click on the Personalization feature. Select the customization option. You will see various themes, layout designs, card styles, etc. to add to your social media feeds tool.
  • You can also change the background colour, add an image in the background, crown your social posts with a banner, and adjust the height and width of the social post accordingly.
  • Moreover, with higher plans, you will get Custom CSS and API access that allows you to design social media posts on your Squarespace website in the way you want.

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Steps To Embed Social Media Feeds On Squarespace Website

Now your last step is to generate a code that you have to put in your Squarespace Website backend. Follow these steps to an amazing impact to add social media post on your website:

  • Click on the “Embed Widget” button.
  • A pop-up will appear with various website building platforms. Select Squarespace as your website is developed with this CMS platform.
  • Next screen you will get your code. Copy the generated code in the clipboard.
  • Open the backend editor of your Squarespace website on the page where you want to display the social feeds.
  • Paste the copied code on the page and click on the save change button.

This is the last step and an alluring social post will be live on your Squarespace website.

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