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5 Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Social media platforms provide a great stage for businesses to promote their brand and products as they consist of huge crowds. Moreover, social media channels enhance the reach of a brand beyond local boundaries. And in this era of the internet, where cross-promotion is a smart way to increase brand recognition, embedding social media feeds on the website has emerged as a wonderful strategy.

Having a social media feed integrated directly on your WordPress website and will increase user engagement, drive conversions rate, and grow your follower count while saving you time uploading and updating feed content in multiple places. Check out our top recommended Social media feeds plugin.

With most of these best social media feed plugins, you will be able to easily add social feeds anywhere on your website – from your sidebar to your website footer and an entire landing page. While the free versions will work for most users, upgrading to premium versions will give you many more options when displaying your social feeds.

5 Best Social Media Feed Plugins To Level Up Your Business:

Here’s a more in-depth look at the 5 best Social Media Feed Widget Plugins for WordPress in 2022

1. Social Media Feeds By Tagembed

social media feeds plugin

Tagembed’s Social Media Feeds is the best plugin in the market that helps you to embed social media feeds on your website. It is compatible with 18+ social media platforms and showcases social media feeds without any hassle. Moreover, the tool helps you collect, curate, and customize social media feeds from different social media platforms and display them beautifully on your website.

It provides a customization option to personalize the feed as per your requirements; you can change the font size, font style, background, and more of the feed and match your website’s style. This makes your website more organized and pleasing to the eyes. And as we know, in this digital world, the website’s style matters the most, as an appealing website always attracts the crowd and increases brand recognition.

Also, the tool provides full control on the feed, which means it enables users to monitor the feed and if they find any unwanted or spam content, they can remove it from the feed. Adding to it, with the help of a profanity filter, users can block content from a particular account or restrict content consisting of provided keywords. These measures help to maintain the quality of the website and add grace to the website.

2. 10Web Social Post Feed By 10 Web

10Web Social Post Feed

If you are looking for an easy way to integrate your WordPress website with Facebook, then 10Web Social Post Feed is an ideal solution. The plugin provides features to display a wide and varied range of content from any page with full control over the feed. That means you can change the content, length, and styling. In addition, the plugin is compatible with visual content, hence it can display images and videos without affecting the website’s speed. 

3. Social Feed By Arrow Plugins

Social Feed plugin

It allows you to display your feeds from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and VK accounts. Let’s create one feed from one of your social accounts or create custom social feeds taking information from the accounts. For example, you can select to show your pictures from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest which means that you can use it as a gallery.

One of the interesting features of Social Feed is that It’s the only plugin that lets you remove the social icons from your feed if you want a clean social feed design.

4. Easy Social Feed By Easy Social Feed

Easy Social Feed

One of the easiest and most user-friendly plugins to display the Facebook feed on the WordPress website is Easy Social Feed. It offers a fully customizable Facebook feed that you can personalize according to your style and showcase your artistic side. 

The feeds are responsive, which means your visitor can view it on any screen and watch all the content without any trouble. 

Many people post images, videos, etc with the product on their social media, which act as social proof. A potential customer always looks for social proof before making a purchase, and therefore it is important that he views the feed without any trouble.

It also allows you to put a limit on the words displayed on the website. With this feature, the customer can view more feeds at a time. Moreover, this feature makes the site interactive, as visitors even have the option to view full captions.

5. Flow-Flow Social Stream By Looks Awesome

Flow-Flow Social Streams

Flow-Flow Social Stream simply add social media feed to WordPress websites with a one-click API authentication. This plugin is a highly customizable and Amazing drag and drops builder grid that allows you to display your posts from different social media channels on the same page. Additionally, Flow-Flow Social Stream shows social media indicators like comments, likes, views, and more to engage your audience.

Embed Social Media Feeds to WordPress + Final Recommendations:

Embedding social media feeds to your WordPress website will increase the interactions and user engagement with your audience and help you grow your business.

Finally, take benefit of these plugins and your social networks to optimize your digital strategy. This way you can adjust the content you show to get more interactions and improve your audience.

These are just some of the best social media feed WordPress plugins that you can add to your WordPress website but there are many more. Do you have any favorite plugins? Let us know in the comment section below!


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