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Embed Facebook Feed On Website – Top 5 Profitable Benefits For Brand Growth

With 2.48 million active users every day, Facebook is still the oldest and most popular social media platform to date. With more than 40% of the world population on Facebook, it is one platform that can spread the word like wildfire.

Talking the profitable benefits of its popularity and its ability to create social feeds, Facebook is popular among marketers as well. Marketing strategies are now revolves around social media platforms and Facebook often is their first choice.

Facebook feed refers to the collection of Facebook posts and content posted by Facebook uses. It is one of the most interactive and engaging feeds. As Facebook provides various mediums to spread the message, it has emerged as marketers’ favorites.

Hence we are witnessing a trend where businesses are opting to Embed Facebook feed on WordPress website. It is a smart move to turn visitors into your customers. Not only photo feeds and video feeds but comments and live videos can also be embedded on your business website to increase your website visuals.

Embedding comments from celebrities, influencers from Facebook feed to your business website makes it simple for customers to put their trust in your brand and product. The well-needed recognition can be simply met by embedding Facebook posts on the website.

Top 5 Amazing Benefits For Brand Growth in 2022

The main benefits of add Facebook feed on WordPress website is to increase overall performance such as traffic, user time, reduction in bounce rate, and increase of conversion rate, etc.

Facebook widget helps you in showcasing Facebook feed on your website, widgets are the functional block on the website, that streams the media from the source.

Let us dive deep into the benefits of embedding the Facebook widget for WordPress website.

1. Add social proof to the brand

UGC well known as User-generated content is the best tactic used by marketers to spread the word about the brand. Creating an amazing user-generated Facebook widget and embedding the same on your website increases the authenticity of your content.

In fact, increases credibility and makes it easy for your audience to trust your brand and product. Real-time or live Facebook widget on the website enables users to better accept your social presence.

2. Increases brand awareness

Integrating Facebook widget on the website increases brand awareness and reach to a large extent. While browsing your website, a visitor can also access your Facebook feed without leaving the website. If the feed content appears interesting and attractive, they might start following your Facebook account. This will automatically result in increased brand awareness and reach.

3. Helps increase user engagement

UGC is displayed on the Facebook timeline feed, it allows visitors to click, visit, and explore your website too. Once the customers visit your website, they are more likely to explore it and find the relevant feeds.

4. Creates a visual hub on your website

Facebook is undoubtedly the most vibrant and appealing social media channel when it comes to user engagement. Adding these lively embed Facebook feed widgets to the website makes it more attractive. The interface of your website which previously lacked engaging colors gets enriched with attractive and eye-catching feed content.

Facebook widget come with customization options that let you refine the Facebook feeds before showing them on your website. You can curate and personalize them with attractive backgrounds and amazing themes.

5. Increases sales and conversions

Every brand is rapidly advancing towards Facebook to connect with a diverse audience. Adding a Facebook widget on your website enhances user engagement and reach. This leads to increased conversion and sales. Your users will be willing to connect to your brand. This is beneficial when your Facebook Feed widget is augmented with relevant and meaningful feeds that capture users’ attention and looks more appealing and engaging to customers. It gives a quick boost to your website traffic and reduces the bounce rate subsequently. As a result, revenue and leads, scales new heights.


An increase in conversion rates indicates the boost in sales. You can achieve it if your visitors decides to stay on your website for a longer duration. The dwelling rate is the time for which an average customer likes to stay over the business website and an increase in dwelling rate is a sign that visitors are engaging and interacting with the website better and choose to stay on it for longer. As a result of these two, visitor’s bounce rate decreases making it easy for your business website to rank higher in search results.

Now that you are well aware of these profitable benefits of embedding Facebook feed on the business website, we are sure you have already rushed to set up a great marketing strategy for the same and implement it in no time to see your business prosper.


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