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5 Unknown Benefits To Embed Twitter Feed on Website

Social media is a whole new world in itself with a distinct ecosystem that satisfies the needs of users, brands, and businesses. And it has been growing rapidly in recent years and has reached new heights of popularity.

Twitter is one of oldest social media platform and managed to stood out exceedingly fast against its competition. 300+ million daily users are evidence of its mammoth popularity.

It is a platform with countless features customized and designed for ease of use, it is known for creative representation of tweets, hashtag content, and effective engagement. Hence, it is extremely popular among users for these features and has one of the highest interaction and engagement rates among social media platforms. And these features are not just limited to the audience but to the brands. Businesses are so impressed with the platform that they often embed Twitter feed on the website.

Twitter should be the top priority for your business to integrate and marketize your business website. And further, we have explained why it should be done and how it benefits your business website.

Benefits That Might Convince You To Embed Twitter Feed on Website In 2022

In this article we have listed 5 amazing benefits of that you might enjoy if you opt to Embed Twitter Feed on Website. Social media aggregators helps eases your embedding process and provides following benefits:

1. Twitter feeds increases the vibrancy of the website

Twitter Images and videos, gifs have always been the favorite for the marketing aspect as they help spread the message in a better way, bringing a great vibe that remains fresh in the mind of the viewers. And therefore, using them for the business website can help you in attaining more audiences.

You should have an attractive business website, as it helps you in establishing your market presence. And what can be a better option than images, videos, tweets and gifs to enhance the visuals of your website? You can use the Twitter widget and display them on your website, the colorful and vibrant content from the feed will keep your website lively and make it pleasing to the eyes.

2. Twitter feeds increases the visitor engagement

When you add Twitter feed on WordPress website, you bring the same Twitter magic to your website. Twitter Feeds can help you to hold the visitor on the website, and if you are showing the amazing feeds related to your business, the visitor will also learn about your brand.

3. Provides social proofs

People often use Twitter to showcase posts of the product they recently purchased or upload images of the product. Or, as per recent trend uploads unboxing videos providing the details about the product and adding their opinion with the latest videos.

By embedding this user-generated-content (UGC) on the website, you provide social proof to your visitors. These social proofs often help users in their purchase decision and eventually help you in attaining more sales.

4. Helps in conversions

As mentioned, social proofs and amazing reviews plays a vital role in customers’ buying decisions. So when you embed these Twitter feeds widget on WordPress website, you help your customers and increase your chance of attaining sales.

With these social proofs, you can win the trust of your customers and potential buyers, and hence you can convert your visitors into your customers.

Another amazing benefit to this is that customers feel valued when a brand features their content on the website and, therefore, eventually develop a great bond between the brand and customers. Because customers will feel connected with the brand, it will appear that the brand cares about the customer and considers their feedback/opinion. So by displaying user’s content on the website, you can convert your regular customers into loyal customers.

5. Improves search engine ranking

No doubt, there is huge competition in the market and each brand is eager to attain more customers to fulfill their goals. Therefore it is necessary to have good brand recognition and reach, to attract more audience.

Customers often use search engines to look for the product they want to buy. Hence, it is important to have a good search engine ranking, so if any users search anything related to your business, search engines will suggest your website due to better ranking.

How does an embedded Twitter feed help in enhancing search engine ranking? – As you have an engaging website with a Twitter feed, it will attract more visitors also because of the entertaining content, they will be encouraged to stay on your website. Moreover, as they will increase the duration of your stay on the website, the bounce rate of your website will be decreased. All these measures will help you in attaining a better position in search engine ranking (SERP).

Yes, this easy-to-use strategy has such awesome benefits and can boost your business for the future.

Final Words

People usually prefer visiting Twitter because it has a great vibe attached to it. The contents on the platform with the hashtags are entertaining, engaging and keep the viewers hooked for a long duration of time. By embedding Twitter feed on the website, you bring the same charm to your website, increase the traffic, and eventually all these measures help in attaining more sales.


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