Best Alternatives for Embedding Instagram Feed on WordPress

If you searching for the best alternatives for embedding Instagram feed on WordPress, then your search end here.

Adding Instagram feeds, videos, reels to your website helps you to enhance its beauty, increases user engagement. Displaying content from your Instagram account on the WordPress website has a lot of other amazing benefits. Like, you can display product reviews, showcase shoppable images, videos, reels, and other user-generated content. Moreover, the Instagram feed also works as social proof to boost user trust and drive more sales.

In addition, it improves the search engine ranking (SEO) of your WordPress website by keeping the content fresh and updated. After all, Instagram is the best social media platform that provides vibrant content which keeps viewers hooked.

5 Best Alternatives for Embedding Instagram Feed on WordPress in 2022

Here we present you the 5 best alternatives that you can use to embed Instagram feed.

  1. Tagembed Widget
  2. Taggbox Widget
  3. Elfsight
  5. Snap Widget

1. Tagembed Widget


Tagembed is the best social media aggregator tool. It helps you to embed Instagram feed within a few clicks. Before adding your content, you have the option to customize the feed in accordance with the overall look and feel of your website. By adjusting the width and height of your feed, you can change the look of your feed. You can make the desired modifications by adding the amazing theme, layout, colors, fonts, and style it as per your needs and requirements.

With the moderation panel, you can filter out any irrelevant content from your website feed. You can either manually remove the content or opt for automation.

Start your free trial with Tagembed Widget today!

3. Taggbox Widget


Taggbox Widget is a simple and easy-to-use social media aggregator tool that helps you to collect, curate, and display social media feeds. It helps to increase web traffic, user engagement, link social media to your website, and boost social media strength.

Using this tool, you can easily collect and curate social media feeds from different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, and many others. It also has customization options by which you can make the feeds more appealing and interactive.

3. Elfsight


Elfsight is a platform where you can add social feeds without using any codes. It offers a user-friendly interface that helps to collect social feeds without any hassle. You can collect Instagram feeds by using hashtags, mentions, handles, and accounts, and add them to the WordPress website.

With Elfsight, you can also customize the Instagram feeds in your desired design, theme, color, and size. It is one of the best platforms for collecting and curating Instagram widget for WordPress website.

4. is another social media aggregator tool that brands use to embed social media feeds from different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Flicker, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. You are just required to put the username or hashtags in the, and it will provide you with all the relevant social feeds that you can embed on your WordPress website.

With Juicer, you will get options to customize feeds. You can use options like designs, layout, themes, styles, and many to make the social media feeds more attractive.

5. Snap Widget


If you want to embed Instagram feed on WordPress website, then the user-friendly visual marketing tool- ‘SnapWidget’ is just so perfect for you. It helps in aggregating fresh content updates related to your profile or a hashtag.

Apart from Instagram, these tools also help in collecting & curating feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube to increase your followers.

Speaking of the features of SnapWidget, it comes with different layouts, theme choices, sizes, and more customization elements for your Instagram widget according to your requirements.

Over to you

You can use any of these social media aggregator tools for your brand and embed social feeds on your website. The tools mentioned above are the best alternatives for embedding Instagram Feed on WordPress and give you the best solution to embed feeds on your website.

Let’s start collecting quality Instagram feeds using these social media aggregator tools and embed them on your website to increase user engagement and conversions.

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