Top 3 TikTok Feed Plugins For WordPress Website

TikTok has become a social phenomenon since its release back in 2016. Almost everyone is involved in TikTok either by creating and uploading videos or by watching the video as an audience.

In either way, the trend is very high and does not seem to disappear soon. Therefore, embed TikTok videos on your WordPress website can play a great role to increase the user engagement of the site.

Moreover, add TikTok feed can even earn a click-through from your random audience and can even be converted into a TikTok media follower.

3 Best TikTok Feed Plugins for WordPress Website – 2022

TikTok itself is not hard to get started with. This social media network thrives on short and casual content, which isn’t difficult to create.

However, like any social media platform, it’s best not to use it in isolation. Instead, you’ll want to bring your TikTok marketing efforts together with the rest of your online presence – this means your website as well as your other target social media websites.

This includes looking for a way to integrate TikTok widget on WordPress website. Unfortunately, because this platform is new in terms of market penetration, it means that tools for integration are thin on the ground – at least they are currently.

However, the river is not totally dry, and there are already a few TikTok feed WordPress plugins worth checking out. We’ll introduce five of them below. These WP plugins have been selected for their positive ratings (where possible), their recent update history, and their TikTok-specific functionality.

As such, most of these TikTok feed plugins are very new and don’t boast many downloads and reviews just yet. So we’d recommend testing whichever ones you’d like to try out on a staging site first, before implementing them on your live WordPress website.

1. TikTok Feed Plugin By Tagembed


TikTok Feed Plugin by Tagembed is a highly compatible WordPress plugin that helps users to accumulate TikTok videos on your website. Furthermore, the plugin allows you to curate and customize the feed, and after that, display them beautifully on the website, adding a charm to it.

Along with TikTok feeds, Facebook feeds, Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds, Google reviews and it is compatible with 19+ other social media platforms. Hence, you will never have to worry about the shortage of content for your WordPress website. In addition, the tool displays texts, images, videos, GIFs, and more without any hassle, and without affecting the speed of the website.

2. QuadLayers TikTok Feed

QuadLayers TikTok Feed

WP TikTok Feed is a WordPress plugin by Quadlayers. It allows you to integrate videos from TikTok App into your WordPress site with few clicks. It lets you include different user accounts to show different feeds on a single page or different pages throughout the site.

The plugin allows you to customize social media feed for different users with different layouts and settings. WP TikTok Feed comes with a Video popup feature that lets you display videos directly from the feed in a pop-up gallery box to enrich the experience of your visitors.

3. Embed Block For TikTok

Embed Block for TikTok by audrasjb

Embed Block for TikTok lets you add TikTok videos to posts/pages of your WordPress site. The plugin installation and setup process is quite easy. You can go to your post/page and the TikTok block. You can then add the URL of the TikTok video in the URL section of the plugin block.

This WordPress TikTok feed plugin allows you to add your own custom CSS (multiple classes separated with spaces) to customize the block. The TikTok videos can be directly played on your website.

Wrapping Up!

I hope you find this list of the top 3 TikTok Feed WordPress Plugins for Adding TikTok video feed to your Website useful in determining which of the numerous alternatives available best meets your needs and it provides more benefits of embed TikTok videos on the website.

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