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The Complete Guide to Google Customer Reviews Examples & Templates

With zero-click searches — where the results are solved directly on the search engine results page — rising to almost 65% in 2020, it now means that Google Customer Reviews is the biggest source of online Google reviews.

In this guide, we focus on Google Customer Reviews and how you can respond to reviews there. But first, let’s start with an overview of what Google Customer Reviews Examples are.

What is Google Customer Reviews?

Google Customer Reviews

Google reviews are voluntarily unpaid comments that customers write about businesses on Google. They’re powered by integrated features within Google Maps, Google My Business, and Google Search. Which makes it easy for anyone to leave feedback, add videos, add images, and other user-generated content.

Top 6 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Ask for Google Customer Reviews:

A). Google customer reviews help you build social proof and solidify your reputation

Reviews greatly influence customer behavior – especially when potential customers are searching for local services near them. In fact, mobile searches for “best” and “reviews” have increased by 80% and 35% respectively in the past few years.

And 86% of customers read positive and negative reviews when in need of a service. This is because it’s easier to trust the opinion of others who’ve already had experience with a business.

But you won’t get more positive reviews unless you ask for them. However, a 2019 BrightLocal study indicated that 76% of consumers who were asked to leave feedback actually did it.

And according to recent research, asking for reviews produces higher average review scores 4.34/5. Whereas unprompted reviews average 3.89/5.

B). Collecting Google cutomer reviews helps you gain insight from feedback

Asking customers to leave a review and getting feedback can lead to insights and stronger customer service.

As a business owner, you need to know the truth about how customers view your product or service. Actively collecting customer reviews and feedback makes customers feel more valued. And ultimately it helps you understand the way they see your business.

C). Google customer reviews have a longer shelf life and carry more weight

Recent reviews matter to Google and your prospective customers. Google uses recent reviews as a key ranking factor for local SEO and search. Whereas prospects look at online customer reviews for social proof that other people are using your services and finding success.

This is why what customers say about your business on Google My Business carries more weight.

And unlike Facebook feeds, tweets, and other review sites, Google reviews have a relatively long shelf life.

Tweets stay top-of-feed for around 15 minutes. Facebook posts are around 4 to 5 hours. But reviews stay top-of-page for about 2 or 3 months.

D). Customer Google reviews are essential to maintaining control over your business reputation

If you haven’t already claimed your Google My Business listing, then you need to now.

Claiming your Google My Business account is free and it’s the first step to managing your online reputation. It helps you get ahead of bad customer reviews with proactive responses.

E). Customer Google reviews help you turn happy customers into brand advocates and earn more business referrals

The more people who advocate for you and your local business the better. Happy customers prove that you offer great service and they help you acquire new customers.

Once you’ve got advocates, you’ll be in a better position to start earning business referrals. This is free marketing where your happy customers actively campaign and send you business without your having to ask.

F). More Customer Google reviews give you more visibility in local Google search results

Reviews are an essential local ranking factor. They help Google understand what your business does and how it’s perceived. They correlate with credibility.

This is why Google pays more attention to businesses with more quality and diversified reviews.

And besides credibility, Google loves content. And what’s better than user-generated content? It’s unique, fresh, and new.

Google customer reviews also give you a chance to engage more customers. That, in turn, signals to Google that your business has an up-to-date web presence – further boosting your search engine ranking.

Why You Should Ask for Google Reviews Examples on Website

If you’re just starting to ask for Google reviews examples, it’s best to leverage your happiest customers. These are people who are already praising your services or products on social media or in other ways to embed Google reviews on the website.

Overall, ask for the best Google reviews examples from customers to any website. Strive to avoid short, impersonal feedback. And if consumers are asking for customer reviews templates, provide one right away. Right here are top Google customer reviews examples & templates to display reviews on the website:

  1. Using by Review Carousel Templates
  2. Using by Review Box Templates
  3. Using by Widget (Sidebar) Templates
  4. Using by List View Templates
  5. Using by Snap Card Templates
  6. Using by Testimonial Slider (Classical Carousel) Templates

Final Words

While you wait to build your rating, resist the urge to hunt for new tricks to convince customers to give you positive reviews.

Manipulation isn’t going to get you where you want to be. Instead, steady perseverance, belief in your cause and products, and a genuine desire to improve the lives of your target audience will.


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