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How To Embed Facebook Feed On Elementor Website (Easy Guide)

Searching for the easiest method to embed Facebook feed to Elementor Website without any coding?

Since Elementor is one of the most popular page builders platforms there, it’s the best choice if you want beautiful pages on your website. And if you add a Facebook feed to Elementor, you can easily boost your engagement and convert more customers. And you can also get more people to follow you on Facebook.

Embed Facebook Feed On Elementor Website For Free (Without Any Coding)

In this easy guide, we’ll display to you how to embed Facebook feed on Elementor in just a few simple steps are:

Step A: Aggregate Facebook Feeds

1. Create a Free Tagembed account or Login if you already have an account.

free account

2. After the login you can display the Tagembed dashboard.

Embed facebook Feeds

3. Your First Widget will be already created, just click on the Open button to proceed and in another option, you create a new widget button.

Embed facebook Feeds on Weebly Website

4. A screen “Pick a source” will appear, here select Facebook from the list of social media networks.

social media network

5. Now choose the FB connection type as Facebook Page URL, Facebook Profile Posts, Facebook Album, Facebook Reviews, Page Mention and etc. to fetch all the feeds, and after that fill up the required credentials of your Facebook account or create all Facebook Feed display.

facebook feed

Step B: Generate Embed Code For Elementor Website

1. So finally, click on the Embed Widget button at the bottom-left of the menu panel.

facebook feed

Tip: You can click on the Personalize tab on the left menu panel to change the themes & layout, background, banners and other dedicated themes settings to make the Facebook widget look more appealing and attractive.

2. Select the new Choose Your Platform dialogue box to produce code for the Other option.


3. A new dialogue box will display. Set the widget’s width and height, then click Get Code and copy the code that appears.


C. Embed Facebook Feed On Elementor Website For Free

1. Select the pages to which you wish to add Facebook feed by logging into your WordPress Admin account.


2. Select Edit with Elementor,  then drag and drop the HTML element to the chosen portion of your website page where you want to embed Facebook feed, paste the code, and click Update to finish the process! 

Voila! You will have added the Facebook feed on Elementor website. 

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Over To You

Elementor is the best website platform for Elementor Facebook feed added and efficiently boost your user engagement, brand awareness, and visibility, and eventually increase your sales and conversions.

Display Facebook feed on the Elementor WordPress website helps build social proof for your brand, making the Elementor website’s overall look more attractive and appealing. It helps a great deal in improving your relationship with your visitors. If you are a business or a brand and not using the power of social media widgets by embedding your Facebook feed on the WordPress Elementor website, then you are surely missing out on a lot.


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