Easy Guide – Embed Twitter Feed On Website

Twitter is one of the highly popular social networking channels where millions of active users contribute to a huge amount of content in the form of text, images, videos, gifs, and many more.

Seeing such potential of content over social media channels, website owners have the opportunity to embed Twitter feed on their website.

Social media aggregators can help you create the alluring Twitter wall and embed it on your website. There are several tools available in the market that help you collect Twitter feeds. In this blog, we will tell you about Tagembed to create Twitter Wall and embed it on your website for free.

We will guide you step-by-step to embed social media feeds on your website and the last end with the benefits of embedding Twitter Feeds on your website.

Steps To Add Twitter Feed On Website With Tagembed Widget:

1. Create Your Account With Tagembed For Free

  • First, you need to create your account with Tagembed. If you already have, then login to your Tagembed account.
  • If you are a new user, you can select free trial, start using a free-plan, or start with Basic Plan for the first time.
  • Put mandatory details like email address, phone number, and create a secured password.
  • And you are good to go with your Tagembed account.

2. Create Your Twitter Feed Widget

  • Then you will lend to your Tagembed Dashboard, where you find an option to Create Widget.
  • Click on the Click Widget button, give it a unique name and press enter on the blue button.

3. Collect Twitter Feeds

  • The next step is to collect Twitter feed. Start by clicking on the Widget button and click on to Create Feed feature.
  • A screen will appear with various social media sources, select Twitter as a source.
  • Put the relevant hashtag, handle, mention, or list name to collect Twitter feeds (remember you can create one feed at a time)
  • Select the check box to filter content and then click on Create Feed button.

4. Customize & Moderate Twitter Feeds

  • Once you collected social media feeds, you have the option to customize Twitter feeds with various designs, themes, background styles, fonts, colours, and many more.
  • You will also get the option to moderate your Twitter feeds if you want to remove any Twitter posts with poor quality, obscene, or inappropriate content.

5. Generate Code

  • After completing customization and moderation, you can click to Generate Code.
  • As you click on the Embed button located in the lower-left corner on the screen, you will get the option to embed Twitter Feed on the website with different CMS platforms. 
  • Select the one on which your website is built and click to generate code.

6. Add Twitter Feed On Website

  • As to click to generate code, copy the code on the clipboard.
  • Open your website backend and a web page where you want to embed a live Twitter wall.
  • Paste the code and save changes.

Amazing Benefits Of Embedding Twitter Feed:

  • Boost User’s Engagement
  • Increase Authenticity & Trust
  • Build Unique Content
  • Embed UGC On Website


Now you have learned how to add a Twitter feed on the website in a step-by-step process. There are numerous benefits of embedding Twitter feeds on the website, from the user’s engagement, build trust, and enhance qualitative content on the website.

So without further ado, start creating and embedding Twitter feed on your website.

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2021 Best Tips To Increase Social Media Engagement For Your Brand

Social media has started acquiring its rightful throne in the marketing world, as it is the biggest driver for brand development in many companies. If done correctly, the domino effect will produce waves of positivity to increase brand recognition and increase conversions to raise company profits.

It is therefore important for brands to promote your brand through social media, but bringing content to these platforms is not what increases your sales. Engagement is the secret of bringing a considerable crowd to your social media accounts as well as your official website . 

Here are some of the tips for increasing social media feeds interaction that can help you achieve business growth.

Tips To Enhance Engagement On Your Social Media Feeds & Pages:

1. Join a Q&A session 

It is as easy to distribute gold nuggets to clients as it is to send them valuable information and answer their queries. Joining Q&A response sessions is a great way to offer value to users and to get you seen as a helpful brand. 

If you can have relevant answers to customer questions and spark conversation with your prospective customers, you can become the go-to seller before your rivals. With customers becoming more frustrated and needing immediate responses to their questions, having a dedicated customer response team is ideal for catering to those needs. 

2. Reposting what your customers shared

Not only should you share content from various influencers in the industry, but it is highly recommended that you also share posts from your followers and customers. In addition to making the customers feel better about themselves for being worthy of going on your business feed, it can lead them to share your answers to their queries or even screenshot the proof that you favour and talk about their content. 

Apart from that, it is beneficial to ask some well-known personalities in your field of expertise to promote your posts in exchange for a freebie to get your brands seen by your prospective clients through a trustworthy, recognisable face.

3. Display social media content on your brand website

There are people who are either not aware about your social media presence or are not an active part of social networking sites. Your website is the only source of information to them about your brand activities such as upcoming events, latest launch, and  more. 

Using a social media aggregator tool such as Tagembed, you can offer them a holistic platform that consists of curated content from all your social media pages, enhancing their browsing experience. It glues your audience to your website, making them a frequent visitor. It not only helps you increase their dwell time with your web content but also enhances your SEO. This results in an increased website ranking. 

4. Make your audience feel engaged and acknowledged

Not only can you share the posts of your customers, but it is best to give direct answers to their content. This is what actually makes them feel engaged. It is nice to reply to any customer post that not only addresses the brand directly, but perhaps references it via a particular hashtag to ensure that each customer feels like the company supports them. 

It is important to use social media aggregator tools to identify any user who posts about the brand to ensure that your audience feels like they make an important part of your business activities. By welcoming clients with their name, it demonstrates that each answer has been carefully designed by a person to each customer, making the organisation feel pleasant and not like a big corporation. Instead, it takes the brand closer to the client to help develop customer loyalty and relationships.

5. Create some visually appealing content

Photos and videos are also perfect additions to embed to social media feeds and marketing material in general, much like emoticons. These act to create a more enticing post that users would like to read. Also, it caters to those to various browsing types who may completely ignore plain text posts. Contents that are visually appealing can make it attractive to all kinds of users and also increase the accessibility of the posts by adding a picture, GIF or short video in your social posts. 

6. Add relevant hashtag(s) to your posts

The use of hashtags is another beneficial way of making your post more appealing to users. Not only can these allow keywords to stand out in the post itself, they are great for monitoring conversations about a specific subject and communicating with individuals who use that particular hashtag. Hashtags are useful for making your posts visible to your non-followers as well, who are looking for similar content.

Final Words

You can easily add social media feeds to your website. Social media interaction is a significant metric to consider while creating an online store. Although many seek to increase their audience’s size, they frequently fail to increase their interaction on social networking sites. You will convert them from followers to customers while giving your conversations a personal touch. The amount of time you spend establishing relationships with your audience will lead to higher revenue, improved consumer loyalty and greater positive feedback.

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